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The Power of Food Waste

To create our clean, chemical-free fertilizer we harness the power of food waste. Unlike other compost companies that use human and animal waste, Carolina Compost creates soil using food scraps, restaurant grease, and clean, premium wood products. With our compost, you can feel better about what you’re putting on your crops and garden beds, knowing that it’s clean and 100% organic.

How We Create a Nutrient-Rich, Chemical-Free Fertilizer

Carolina Compost starts with collecting our all-natural ingredients. We blend food scraps such as cooking oil from restaurants; milk, yogurt and other dairy products; and vegetables with clean, premium wood waste to create our organic compost.
All of the ingredients are gathered and laid out in windrows so the soil can be effectively turned, temperature monitored, and tested until it is just right to use.
Good things come to those who wait. That’s why we don’t rush our compost. It takes six months of processing for the food to break down into our high-quality, nutrient-rich compost for your crops, lawn, or garden beds.

Our compost has been tested by A&L Great Lakes Laboratories.

See the results for yourself!

Our Story

From Farm to Table to Farm

We’ve been creating our clean, chemical-free compost in Thomasville, North Carolina since 2016. It all started when our owner, Jason Gibson, was pumping restaurant grease traps and wanted to find a way to recycle the waste and make it a useful part of the environment again. To achieve his goal, he began researching compost. After experimenting with techniques and ingredients he came up with the mixture and process that we still use today.

Here at Carolina Compost, we believe that it just makes sense to fertilize and grow fruits and vegetables using food waste. It’s a concept we call, “farm to table to farm.” That’s why we create our rich compost using only natural food and wood waste. When you fertilize with our all-natural compost, the results will speak for themselves in lush lawns, crops and garden beds.